Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Weird Tales is back. #359

After many months of wait, Weird Tales the (in)famous magazine which once hosted none other than HPL himself, is back.A few weeks ago I received an envelope containing #359. This issue is the bridge between the old and the new editorial staff.
First of all, the cover is amazing. Designed by Dave Buchwald (known for his 2600 covers) it leaves the reader with a strange feeling. The message is clear: be ready.
Here it is, if you do not believe me:

Second, the stories. I really liked "Notes from the apocalypse" by Stephen Grahm Jones. I warn you: this story is pretty twisted and the ending is quite original; it won't make you hungry. Another interesting story is "f/8" by Conrad Williams, which I should read again to better enjoy its quirks... I never thought such a beautiful story could come out by the idea of a guy with a camera hit by lighting during a storm. The other weird story is "The one that's worse than mine" by Tom Underberg. Here we follow a sin-eater in his quest to find, let's say, the perfect sin. However, the award for most original "story" goes to "Five films reviewed by Frankenstein's creature" by Evan J. Peterson. The title says it all (be warned, it's just two pages).

Third, the bad. First story at page twenty-six?!? Unacceptable. Yes, the interviews are interesting  and Richard Kirk's art is impressive. But we want stories.
I would like to point out that I found "The Magician's apprentice" by Tamsyn Muir interesting but poorly developed.

My vote to this issue: 7 stars out of 10.
According to the back cover the next issue is going to be dedicated to the  Elder Gods... oh wow... not an easy one.

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