Saturday, March 22, 2014

The projects

I have several projects in my head, far too many to be realized in a short time.
I decided to list them here, for public view, to make me a little more accountable.

  • Writing Project 1 ("Wish", short story): Finish the draft for a short story already written. Right now I am writing the second draft.
  • Writing Project 2 (Novel): Start writing the draft of a novel. I already have everything planned.
  • Writing Project 2 (Short YA Novel): I just have the idea. We'll see how it moves forward.
  • Research Project: This one is massive, will require years to complete. I think it will be very interesting, at least for geeks like me.
  • Physical fitness: recently I gained weight. I want to train often, keep a clean, non vegan non vegetarian, diet.
  • Study Public Administration. Due to the field I work in, I want to study Public Administration.
  • Eerie Worlds. As I announced, eerieworlds will change. It will take some time as it is an important change. However, I will start be a little more personal on this blog; in other words I won't publish only reviews.
Strategically, I will work on only one writing project at a time, while keeping notes for whatever idea applies to the other projects.

A lot of stuff, so little time. 

Thursday, March 13, 2014

I finally did it!

I finally did it! I wrote and finished my first short story. Let me be clear; it is absolutely NOT ready for publication. However, for the first time,and after many tries I have a first draft manuscript of a story complete head to toe.

It wasn't easy as it required a change in methodology. I used to think about the plot, scribble down a few notes and proclaim "this story shall be about 5,000 words. I will write 200 words a night."
I changed the first part of the sentence. I decided to stop thinking about the word count goal. I told myself to write down the story. If it is ten words long, good. If it is one million words long, good. I only had one goal this time, which is to write the full story. (FYI, it came out as a 1700 supershort story).

After reading the first draft I believe the story is crappy, but I don't care. I got something down and for the next few days/weeks/month I will revise, re-revise and re-re-revise ad infinitum until I have something decent in my hands as it is a very useful exercise.


Tuesday, March 11, 2014


My reading queue is slightly growing. You know, new work equals new schedule and I haven't adapted yet.
I already received the four Dell Magazines (EQMM, AHMM, Asimov's, Analog) and I have yet to finish The Shining.
I better become a Zen master, stop worrying about the schedule and begin reading.

My reading queue.