Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Review: Asimov's Science Fiction, June 2012, Volume 36, Number 6

The latest issue of Asimov's science fiction, June 2012, Volume 36 Number 6, is a meatloaf of stories that will be enjoyed mostly by hardcore sci-fi geeks. I would not use it to introduce speculative fiction to anybody. However, the cover price of $4.99 is acceptable.

"Possible Monsters" by Will McIntosh
It is by far the best in this issue. In this story, Cooper is a depressed failed triple-A pitcher. inside his home he finds a multi-eyed monster who loves watching TV. Cooper will then live a strange but very important adventure. This story actually has a meaning.

"Free range" by Bruce McAllister
I firmly believe that, contrary to the popular saying, roasted chicken is man's best friend. So it is natural that I find Bruce McAllister's story amusing. I won't spoil it, but be aware that chickens should not be underestimated.

"Scout" by Bud Sparhawk
It is the classical human vs. aliens story. It is well delivered. Let me tell you, our foes are very mean... and I am downplaying it.

"Final exam" by Megan Arkenberg 
It is a nice experiment. I never read a story made up with only multiple-choice questions and answers. It is a fun exercise, but hopefully there will never be a long version; it would remind someone of the school years.

"Missionaries" by Mercurio D. Rivera is a tale about faith, science, love and death. It is pretty enjoyable and a long form of it may be an interesting read.

"The widdershins clock” by Kali Wallace is a simple story about time, time travel and aging. Where is grandma gone?

"The flowering ape" by Allan DeNiro is, if you will, a story about young space navigators. I did not like it at all. It seems a dumbed down version of Dune's Guild navigators with a teeny mindset. Some may like it. I did not.

"Waiting at the altar" by Jack McDevitt is pure sci-fi. The story has spaceships, astronauts, technology and a rescue mission. Pleasant reading. I could not avoid to feel sorry for Simmons, one of the characters.

On a side note, Silverberg reviews some work of Philip K. Dick. Very interesting.
Here's the TOC from Asimov's website:

Missionaries by Mercurio D. Rivera

Possible Monsters by Will McIntosh 
Final Exam by Megan Arkenberg
Waiting at the Altar by Jack McDevit
The Flowering Ape by Alan DeNiro
The Widdershins Clock by Kali Wallace
Free Range by Bruce McAllister

Scout by Bud Sparhawk
Pavane by F. J. Bergmann
I am nothing, you say, to you, coming close to it by W. Gregory Stewart

Objectifying Faerie by Jane Yolen

The Novikov Self-Consistency Conjecture from "The Official Guide to Time Travel" by Robert Frazier

Care and Feeding by Mary A. Turzillo
Editorial: We Have Met the Alien by Sheila Williams
Reflections: Rereading Philip K. Dick by Robert Silverberg

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On Books: Short and Sweet by Paul Di Filippo

The SF Conventional Calendar by Erwin S. Strauss

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