Thursday, June 21, 2012

”The man who never lived” by Donald Wandrei

Last night I read for the first time a short story by Donald Wandrei, ”The man who never lived”, published in the thirties of the past century.
Although the premise of the story is pretty interesting and the idea of using monism as a plot device is nice, the story is quite dull. Being really short, the weight of the plot is not really felt - basically it's a grocery list of events, going backward - furthermore the characters (two) are not credible. It is unknown what is actually happening, the ending doesn't really have much meaning and the style is way too simple.
It is not a horrible story (I was hoping for something horrendous) in itself, but it's absolutely forgettable. To say it positively, it's ok for a bedtime reading if nothing else is available or if the reader wants something simple but disguised as serious.

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