Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Review: Analog - October 2012 - Vol. CXXXII No. 10

After such beautiful issue as September's I eagerly expected another great issue. Unfortunately my expectations were broken very soon as I found October's issue pretty dull and not worth the cover price.
Analog this month gives us three novelettes and five short stories of which the best one is "The Journeyman: on the short-grass prairie" by Micheal F. Flynn which is a good story about a knight and a battle between the stars.
I found the cover story, "The liars" by Juliette Wade, was pretty much awful. I honestly had difficulty reading it through as the story didn't make much sense to me. The editors found it worthy, I did not so I guess it's just a matter of tastes.
"Ambidextrose" by Jay Werkheiser and "The end in Eden" by Stven Utley are pretty ingenious and enjoyable to read, but they are also poorly developed.
"Deer in the garden" by Michael Alexander is a nice dystopian story, but again it is another missed hit as the story has a "someone-already-did-this" feeling. I find that dystopian stories are important, and I love them, so I enjoyed reading it but someone else may find it too simplistic.
"Nothing but vacuum" by Edward McDermott is classical sci-fi with a pinch of sadness added to it. I think the formula works and I would like to see a longer story with the same concepts.
"Nahiku West" by Linda Nagata is an interesting story among the stars, but once again it doesn't deliver as it wanders around in its plot.
"Reboot and saddles" by Carl Frederick was funny to read. I have to admit that coming out with the idea of electronic - hackable -horse saddles is pretty interesting.

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