Thursday, June 13, 2013

The update

I haven't written anything on this blog in a while so this is going to be a wrap up on what I've been up to.
Mostly I have been working Saturday included. We got some deadlines to meet at any cost.
Although a bit inconsistent I have tried to keep up with my healthy habits, training at least three times a week. I am currently doing martial arts, boxing and some gym work (weights). Unfortunately, not only I spent last week on the DL with a tedious neck injury that was causing headaches, but I was kinda unable to restrain myself from overeating. Some setbacks are normal, they are part of training. Tomorrow I will go back to the gym, do some light weights and see what happens.

Deadly injury? I will survive!

My family and I haven’t been anywhere except from our annual visit to Cross Plains where the first week of June the town celebrates the life of Robert E. Howard, the creator of Conan the barbarian and Solomon Kane.

On the road!

Howard ended his own life on June 11 th 1936 just a few minutes after his mother died.

Since I had the kids with me I was unable to listen to the various panels that are offered, but they all look interesting with very good guests.

Howard's house is quite typical and features the room (formally a patio) where Howard slept  and wrote. One interesting feat is that his mother’s room had a window facing inside his room. So much for privacy.

Howard's room. Notice the window on the left.
Part of his books collection, his possessions and a manuscript (postcard) by H.P. Lovecraft are all there for the visitor to see.
Each year during the REH  days Cross Plains Public Library is open extra hours. Howard’s original typescripts and several copies of Weird Tales are located there and can be consulted .

Great original copies of Weird Tales.

In addition, the town celebrates the Barbarian Festival, which is located close to Howard’s house. There is live music, food and a car show. The Festival is quite small, probably not worth the trip; however I have to admit that this year I had an amazing smoked Turkey Leg. I am still drooling thinking about it.
I will go back next year, just to buy the yearly t-shirt and to have an excuse for a day trip.

On our way back we hiked for about an hour at Lake Mineral Wells State Park. It was quite beautiful.

Other thing we did was going to watch several College baseball games, including the WAC finals and some AirHogs (Independent League) games. Given the price, free parking and atmosphere I think that’s the best value you can get at a baseball game. After the game no one cares if you go on the field so the kids and I played some catch in a real ballpark. That was really fun!

The children sitting by the bullpen are MLB scouts in disguise.
On the field with the winning team!

We also went to a local medieval festival, here some pictures:

Lately I have read only two books, “Silver Linings Playbook” and “Bottom of 33 rd ”, which I will review soon. I also started going to the local chess club once in a while, so I studied some of Averbach’s works on endings, just to have a better idea.

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