Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Review: Doctor Who - 002 - Season 01 Episode 02 - "The Daleks"

If one episode can be pointed out as the single source of success of Doctor Who that is most certainly "The Daleks".
The second story is composed of seven twenty-five minute long episodes that ran from December 21, 1963 to February 1, 1964.
In "The Daleks" the four characters directly follow the happenings of "An Unearthly Child" by landing on a strange planet with a petrified forest. Quite soon our four friends will find out that outside of the forest lies a mysterious city, "Dalek City".

It's a foggy day in Dalek City.

At the sight of the city, the Doctor can't resist his curiosity and after a strong argument with his companion he will trick them into following him in his trip to the city. Unknown to all of them, the TARDIS radiation meter went out of the scale.
They will find that the city is strange and highly technological, meaning that whatever lives (or lived) there was a very advanced civilization.
At one point, Barbara Wright while wondering in the city will end up divided from the main group and trapped inside a building and cause one of the best cliffhangers in Doctor Who history. A strange arm from a weird eye will get close to a scared Barbara. At the end of part one, the first piece of a Dalek, the number one enemy of the Doctor, the menace of the universe, and one of the most famous creations in science fiction, will be introduced to the world.

First glimpse of a Dalek, just a few days before Christmas. Curiously enough it's from its perspective.

In the following parts it will be found out that a big war between the Daleks and the Thals caused mutations to the living beings of Skaro. The Doctor and his friends will have to escape the Dalek's fury and the Thals' reluctance to act agains the Daleks.

On the right, the first Dalek ever seen in its beauty.

I obviously liked this episode. It is a perfect example of early science fiction that crosses any boundary and pushes the limits. The Daleks are mean, evil, they don't have mercy. I can't imagine how many nightmares the kids had after watching "The Daleks". Even my kids, in the XXI  century, enjoyed the show without complaining about the inevitably slow timings and long conversations.
If you've never seen it, then provide as soon as possible. 
We should all thank the First Doctor for this.

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