Monday, January 27, 2014

Review: Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine, April 2014, Vol. 59 No. 4

April's is a very good issue with a couple of stories of a different kind than the typical murder-mystery. Quick Review.

"The Monitor" by Tara Laskowski is quite disturbing, the kind worthy of a Weird Tales or Black Static. Myra has been blessed with motherhood and as many new parents she finds out that not all is sunshine and rainbows. Eva, her newborn, cries. A lot. Therefore Myra and her husband decide to buy a wireless video monitor to check on the little girl. One day a sleep deprived Myra observes something strange, mysterious and disturbing appearing on the little screen. Is Myra hallucinating? Best story of the issue!

"Purse Strings" by Gigi Vernon. This is a historical crime fiction short, based in France in the XII century. Jaques, the brother of Thibaut the Knight disappeared. A short time later a request for a ransom appeared at Thibaut's door. Everyone believes that Jaques is faking a kidnapping in order to get a few silver coins, but Thibaut is sure that it's not the case.

"A knock on the door" by Jas R. Petrin. A girl disappears and an investigation involving russian mob-girls begins. This story failed to keep me interested.

"Nighthawks" by Joseph D'Agnese. A very short story about a graveyard shift waitress. Fun.

"Sitting Ducks" by Loren D. Estleman. A bomb kills a cop. This makes a nice police story.

"Trash in the Garbage" by Bruce Graham. A body falls off a dump truck... if that's not a good preamble I don't know what it is. Interesting story.

"The Danua Boy" by Tony Richards. This story is about kidnapping in Zimbabwe and other globally important issues.

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