Sunday, February 9, 2014

Eerie Starbucks

Eerie Starbucks this morning. While I read Stephen King, a bunch of quiet homeless men are enjoying a Grande while taking turns to light up a smoke outside. 
Meanwhile, an old man is trying to figure out how to connect his brand new iPhone 5s - box on the table - to his new laptop.
By the motions of his head it's clear that his attempts have been so far unsuccessful. 

Next to me a young boy looking exactly like the vampire Spike from Buffy stares at the wall. I wonder if he has a Brit accent. At the table behind me a curious young guy ready to go to Church adjusts his tie while reading a seemingly interesting book on the Gracchi. An old lady, silvery hair, picks up stuff from the ground. 

Oh Starbucks, the crossroads of life with a jazz soundtrack.

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