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Review MLB/MiLB: Week 2

Sunday April 7th 2013 celebrated the second week of MLB.

Rangers go past the Angels 7-3 thanks to Kinsler's great night. Darvish had to leave to a blister and LAA's Weaver had to leave with an injury to his left arm.
Yankees avoid being swept by Detroit.

American League
Boston 13  Toronto 0    
N.Y. Yankees 7  Detroit 0    
Minnesota 4  Baltimore 3    
Cleveland 13  Tampa Bay 0    
Oakland 9  Houston 3    
Chi. White Sox 4  Seattle 3   (10th inning)  
Texas 7  L.A. Angels 3    

National League
N.Y. Mets 4  Miami 3    
Cincinnati 6  Washington 3    
Atlanta 5  Chi. Cubs 1    
Arizona 8  Milwaukee 7  (11th inning)  
St. Louis 14  San Francisco 3    
Colorado 9  San Diego 1    
L.A. Dodgers 6  Pittsburgh 2  

Kansas City 9  Philadelphia 8

Rangers win 5-4 past the Blue Jays thanks to a blown call by home plate umpire in the ninth inning. He called a strikeout on the third batter even if it was clear to everyone else in the ballpark, including close Joe Nathan who got his 300 th save – that it was a ball on a three-two count, which meant a walk. The Rangers were up for about seven innings, reaching a score 5-1. The bullpen, more specifically Kirkman, decided that the fans were not getting the show they paid for so they gave up runs, walks and everything else a pitcher shouldn’t give up. The ninth inning started with a 5-4 score which held until the end.
Newspapers broke the news that Indians managers got lost before the home opener; he lives a couple of blocks from the ballpark. That says a lot about Cleveland’s management. Yankees were lifted by Cano (2HRs). Brave’s Justin Upton goes 4-for-4 and Maholm throws a seven inning shutout. Cincinnati scores nine runs (!) in the ninth inning during Cardinal’s home opener.

American League
Boston 3  Baltimore 1    
N.Y. Yankees 11  Cleveland 6    
Kansas City 3  Minnesota 1    
Texas 5  Tampa Bay 4    
Seattle 3  Houston 0    

National League
Milwaukee 7  Chi. Cubs 4    
Cincinnati 13  St. Louis 4    
N.Y. Mets 7  Philadelphia 2    
Atlanta 2  Miami 0    
Pittsburgh 5  Arizona 3    
San Francisco 4  Colorado 2

Angels' Weaver will be out four weeks with a broken elbow. He tried to avoid a line drive during his game with the Rangers (Darvish) landing on  his gloved hand. Rangers were made fun for it, but they got it right. Rookie pitcher Tepesch was quite impressive in his major league debut. He had some troubles in the second inning (bases loaded) he was able to remain calm and handle the situation. He gave up one run in seven innings, but only a couple of balls reached the outfield. Good job Mr. Tepesch. According to USA Today Giant’s Lincecum remains a big headache. He gave up six runs in six innings and walked the opposite pitcher twice. Not bad for a Cy Young Award… Mariners get destroyed by Astros, which is quite significant…

American League
Detroit 7  Toronto 3    
N.Y. Yankees 14  Cleveland 1    
Texas 6  Tampa Bay 1    
Kansas City 7  Minnesota 4    
Oakland 9  L.A. Angels 5    
Houston 16  Seattle 9
National League
San Diego 9  L.A. Dodgers 3    
Philadelphia 8  N.Y. Mets 3    
Atlanta 3  Miami 2    
Chi. Cubs 6  Milwaukee 3    
St. Louis 5  Cincinnati 1    
Pittsburgh 6  Arizona 5    
San Francisco 9  Colorado 6
Washington 8  Chi. White Sox 7

Rangers lost 2-0 in their last game of the series with Tampa Bay. Game was delayed for more than an hour due to rain. Holland has been very inconsistent; he has to improve quickly or he will be the real problem of the Rangers' lineup. Nolan Ryan's soap opera ended today with a statement in which the Rangers say that he is the CEO and will remain so.
Several games delayed our postponed due to rain with one exception. Washington was delayed because umpires were struck in traffic! The power of Bryce Harper” could be a good title for an action movie. Certainly in Washington they are rejoicing about his fourth homerun of the season with following victory for 5-2. Idiot minor leaguer prospect Jorge Soler (Cubs) was ejected after… charging the dugout with a bat. I guess he will be suspended for a few games. A goat’s head has been found at Wrigley Field… no one is really worried as this happened before. I guess everything is fine as long as the staff doesn’t find a horse head in the bed.
Minor League Baseball: Olt error on a grounder makes Iowa score the 3-2 run, with former major leaguer Tateyama on the mound. Olt, which in my opinion is a good player but overrated made two errors in the forth inning.

American League
Toronto 8  Detroit 6
Tampa Bay 2  Texas 0
N.Y. Yankees  at  Cleveland - PPD
Baltimore 8  Boston 5
Kansas City 3  Minnesota 0
Oakland 11  L.A. Angels 5
Houston 8  Seattle 3

National League
St. Louis 10  Cincinnati 0
Arizona 10  Pittsburgh 2
San Francisco 10  Colorado 0
Philadelphia 7  N.Y. Mets 3
Atlanta 8  Miami 0
Milwaukee  at  Chi. Cubs -PPD
L.A. Dodgers 4  San Diego 3

Washington 5  Chi. White Sox 2  

Certainly this day will be remembered more because of the San Diego Padres vs. LA Dodgers brawl than for baseball reasons. Kemp, the very expensive pitcher, ended up with a broken collarbone, and police had to separate him and Quentin after the game. See this, this , this and the video here.

Someone said "Love one another". Picture taken from SBNation (ref. USA Today).
 Rangers were able to win with replacement (Harrison is in 15-day DL) pitcher Grimm. He didn't play very well but a win is a win. The good news is reliever Ortiz, he was very good.

American League
Detroit 11  Toronto 1 
N.Y. Yankees  at  Cleveland - PPD
Baltimore 3  Boston 2 
Oakland 8  L.A. Angels 1 
Texas 4  Seattle 3 
National League
San Francisco 7  Chi. Cubs 6 
L.A. Dodgers 3  San Diego 2 

Washington 7  Chi. White Sox 4  

New York Yankees4-6-5-6-5-3-4 triple play left everyone astounded. Braves go from 2-4 to 6-4 with Washington. Texas' Darvish looks way different than the almost-perfect game one. Blue Jays' all-star shortstop Reyes ends up with broken ankle while trying to steal second. Astros win again vs. Angels (!). New York Mets dominate with Bucks' grand slam.

American League
N.Y. Yankees 5  Baltimore 2
Cleveland 1  Chi. White Sox 0
Tampa Bay  at  Boston - Postponed
Toronto 8  Kansas City 4 
 Houston 5  L.A. Angels 0
Oakland 4  Detroit 3   12
Seattle 3  Texas 1 
National League
 Chi. Cubs 4  San Francisco 3
Atlanta 6  Washington 4   10
Pittsburgh 6  Cincinnati 5 
  Philadelphia 3  Miami 1   10
 St. Louis 2  Milwaukee 0
Arizona 3  L.A. Dodgers 0
Colorado 7  San Diego 5 

 N.Y. Mets 16  Minnesota 5

Reyes will be out for at least three months with a sprained ankle. Ball boy catches a valid popfly for KC Royals. Mets' RHP Harvey goes seven innings without a hit. Red Sox go past Rays in extra innings (Victorino single & RBI). Rangers' Garcia (2B) amazing play with gloved ball to first while running.

American League
Boston 2  Tampa Bay 1   (10 innings)
Detroit 7  Oakland 3
Baltimore 5  N.Y. Yankees 3
Cleveland 9  Chi. White Sox 4
Toronto 3  Kansas City 2
L.A. Angels 5  Houston 4
Texas 3  Seattle 1 
National League
San Francisco 3  Chi. Cubs 2
Atlanta 3  Washington 1
St. Louis 8  Milwaukee 0
Pittsburgh 3  Cincinnati 1
Miami 2  Philadelphia 1
L.A. Dodgers 7  Arizona 5
Colorado 9  San Diego 5 
N.Y. Mets 4  Minnesota 2 

College: Went with the kids, wife and a friend to watch (NCAA) UT Arlington vs. San Jose State University. Final score was 9-4 for UTA. Kids got a ball signed by Matt Shortall which is in my opinion the only player from UTA that can get close to the Minors and develop into a better than average player. First inning: Shortall singled but went on triple thanks to a fielding error.

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